Ministry Outreach

Chester County Children's Choir

In October, 2010, we launched a new relationship with the Chester Children's Chorus, an extraordinary organization that makes a deep impact through music on the lives of children in one of Pennsylvania's most dangerous and impoverished cities. (Please visit their website and Facebook page for more information and updates on the many
activities of the Chorus!)
Each October the CCC gives a full program at Holy Trinity, and each February the CCC Chamber Choir participates in Lift Every Voice, an annual concert for Black History Month featuring many choirs from the West Chester area.
At Holy Trinity, we also pledge to support the Chorus financially. Our church-wide outreach project each October focuses on pledging for the CCC, and between pledges and money donated at concerts we raised over $10,000 to support the ministry of the chorus in 2010-2011.


I've got a long way to go
Composed by John Alston Lift Every Voice 2011
Combined Choirs of Lift Every Voice 2011:
(The Chester Children's Chorus Chamber Choir, Church
of the Holy Trinity Chancel Choir, West Chester University Gospel Choir, St. Agnes Catholic Church Children's Choir, First Presbyterian Church of West Chester Youth Choir, Cross Connection of West Chester United Methodist Church)

Sing unto the Lord
For you, for me
The Chester Children's Chorus (from the 15th anniversary album)

Steal Away/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
My Lord What a Morning
John Alston, bass; Andrew Hauze, piano
(recorded at Holy Trinity on September 26, 2010)
John Alston, director of the Chester Children's Chorus: