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History of Holy Trinity

The Church of the Holy Trinity has long been an integral part of the religious and social communities in the town of West Chester, Pennsylvania.We began in 1830 when traveling Episcopal priests would come to town to hold services with few prayer books and scant accommodations. The growth of this parish in many ways mimics the growth and changes that Chester County has seen in the last two centuries.

Architecturally, the church building proper is a classic example of mid-19 century neo-gothic design. Located at the corner of High and Union Streets, the sanctuary is unique as it is the largest remaining serpentine stone structure in the world.

While many events through the decades have influenced us none compares with the joining together of Holy Trinity and the Church of the Ascension. Formed as a Mission church of the Diocese of Pennsylvania in 1921 Church of the Ascension was closed and merged with Holy Trinity in 1966. This coming together changed all of us in ways that never could have been expected or anticipated. As an African American congregation Holy Trinity was thrust headfirst into the ongoing struggle for racial equality. The merging of these two Christian communities in 1966 gave birth to a wonderful mix of racial and social integration which to this day constitutes one of our greatest strengths.